Actor Iman Aly has clarified her remarks about head is not blowing over any time soon.

Iman in her interview had stated that the models currently working in the industry don’t have ‘adequate general knowledge’.

Similarly, Frieha Altaf also took to social media to criticise Iman for her comments on Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan and remarked that the model was resorting to “a cheap publicity stunt as she has a movie coming up.”



Iman, in the interview, had claimed that Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees had first been offered to her. She further said: “90% of the movies made in Pakistan today are still offered to me first. But I only take the scripts I fall in love with. If I don’t like the lines, it feels like work, like slavery.”

In another segment, Iman had remarked Humayun Saeed would be a “doodh dahi bechnay wala” (dairy product salesman) if he was not an actor. She also labelled Fawad Khan as a “failed standup comedian” and Mehwish Hayat a “cosmetologist’s assistant.” She also said that Mahira should have stayed a VJ.

Watch Iman’s interview here: