Iman Aly has vowed not to work with writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. She shared her decision in a recent interview with Vasay Chaudhry in his show, Ghabrana Mana Hai.

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Vasay asked Iman about a list of popular films that she rejected, answering the question, she said: “I might have rejected the film because I may not be in friendship with the writer of that film or might not be fond of him.”


Koi zehr bhi lag sakta hai na, islie mana kia ho sakta hai,” she added.

Vasay then went on to ask her that how many films have she rejected? The Khuda Kay Liye actress said: “There are a lot of them.”

Iman added: “I rejected Karachi Se Lahore, Punjab Nahi Jaungi, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Na Maloom Afraad, and there was one film Azaadi by Irfan Malik and many more.”

Vasay asked Iman that why did she refuse to work in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani? To which she replied: “Ye to all boys film thi islie.” And what about Na Maloom Afraad, asked Vasay, “Ye bhi all boys film thi,” she answered.

He then asked that why did she not work in Punjab Nahi Jaungi? She started laughing and said: “I think the writer cheated on the character of the heroine. The writer is from Punjab and knows about Punjab, then he should only write about that. Why are you writing about a girl who came from Karachi or London, write something that you know about.”

“Khalil-ur-Rehman was the writer of that movie,” added Vasay. Then she said: “He writes really well about Punjab and Punjabi characters but my character was a little out of his comfort zone.”

She continued: “I did watch the film after it released but there were some issues which remains there.”

Vasay also asked: “What happened to Karachi Se Lahore?” She said: “Don’t even talk about that, the character does not make any sense. That she’s a nerd, in ghar kay kurtay and pajamay.”

She also revealed that she has done some films for the sake of friendship like Tich Button and Mah-e-Mir but she still had some issues with the story and some things in them.

When Vasay concluded the interview by saying that he hope writers are listening that she is ready to work, the moment he took Khalil’s name, Iman said she hopes he doesn’t listen to this announcemnet.