Sri Lankan manager, Priyantha Kumara, who was lynched and his body burnt by a mob in Sialkot on December 3, was buried in his native village in Sri Lanka on Wednesday with state honours.

The Buddhist clergy performed his religious rituals before police led the procession along with Kumara’s family and friends. They carried a casket with his remains to the cemetery.

Condolence banners and white flags that symbolise mourning were displayed along the roads.


Buddhist Clerics are performing Religious Rituals
The wife of Priyantha Kumara prays with children and family members during a funeral held in Srilanka

Priyantha Kumara, a Sri Lankan national was working as a manager in a factory located in Sialkot since 2010. He allegedly tore posters off a wall in the factory, which had religious text written on it. After taking down the poster, hundreds of people gathered, dragged him outside, killed him, and then burnt his body on Friday.

The victim’s brother, Arunasiri Wasantha Kumara Diyawadana, who is also working in Pakistan at a garment factory as a technical director, said that factories should have a secure environment.

He added, “That was not happening in this particular case.”

He requested both governments to find the root cause of the incident, whether it is a religious or industrial dispute and they have to find the solution accordingly.

Family members of Srilankan manager Priyantha Kumara carrying his casket to a cemetery during his burial in Colombo, Sri Lanka
The mother of Priyantha Kumara crying in front of his casket
Gavith, a son of Priyantha Kumara, places his father portrait on casket during burial
The wife of Priyantha Kumura cries in front of his casket

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that from now on, no one will be spared who resorts to violence in the name of religion.

PM Khan made these comments during an event that was being held to honor Malik Adnan who tried to save Kumura.

The police have arrested more than 100 people involved, and one of the main culprits, Farhan Idrees has been arrested. Farhan gave an interview to local news channels, taking pride in the murder he committed.