Sabeen Farooq is currently making waves for her role as the antagonist ‘Haya’ in the drama ‘Tere Bin’. But the actress addressed the feedback she was receiving including threats to her family. In an Instagram post, Farooq slammed the haters for not being able to tell the difference between what is real and what’s fake, as shown by Galaxy Lollywood.

Farooq talked about the problem in an interview with BBC Urdu, stating that the threats she received from social media trolls were directly targeting her family:

“If it was about my personality then it would be understandable, but these were personal attacks sent to my family. But thank Allah I don’t take these things personally or let my mental health get impacted by it. I don’t know how other people who have played negative characters on screen have dealt with this, but sending insults to my family and saying awful things is wrong. They did not mention my character, but would only talk about me.”


Opening up about the popularity of ‘Tere Bin’ in India, Farooq revealed that she was astonished by how polite and respectful fans over there were:

“These fans would like lovely letters to me where they would solely talk about Haya. And I’m shocked that the kind of praise I’m getting from them, it’s not how Pakistanis are reacting to my role. This is from a neighbouring country where the drama is trending. But over here, people are sending hateful messages.”

Asked why she chose to play the antagonist, Haya, who plots ways to break apart the main leads Murtasim and Meerab, Farooq revealed that she fell in love with her character’s bluntness, and always had wanted an opportunity to work with Yumna Zaidi:


“I lover her bluntness because she is not scared of anyone and can say anything she wants infront of everyone. She has the ‘pyaar kiya tou darna kya’ demeanor because she isn’t afraid to confess in front of everyone that she is in love with this man…Also. I learned that Yumna is there.. and I had always wanted to work with her. That is what made me think there is something good about this show other wise why would Yumna sign up for it?”