Pakistani singer, Shuja Haider has accused Indian music directors of plagiarising his popular original soundtrack for the drama Baaghi released in 2017.

The singer shared the copied Indian version, Pia Re Piya on his Instagram and lashed out at its music directors.

He wrote, “Indian Music directors Yasser Desai and Rashid Khan copied my original song ‘Baaghi’ and I am not proud of it. Absolutely not!”


Haider has decided to take legal action against the music directors of ‘Piya Re Piya’.

While talking to Dawn Images, he said, “They’ve copied the entire verse. I’m going to look into how to pursue this further because these people have started copying [Pakistani content] a lot. They not only copy melodies, they copy lyrics as well. Look at Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s work. They’ve gone too far; they are copying our content whenever they please and there’s no one to say anything to them. I definitely feel something should be done about this.

“I am going to talk to my lawyer. I am going to talk to people who can help me with this. I don’t think I should take it lightly. If you look at the credits, the composer of the song is written as Rashid Khan. This is a criminal act. They don’t even give due credit. If you’d framed the song as a cover and given credit, it would still be okay.”

Pia Re Piya released on February 12 and is sung by Yaseer Desai and composed by Rashid Khan. Anjan Sagri and Rashid Khan have written the lyrics of the song.

You can check the similarities between both songs.

The OST of Baaghi.

In 2019, Farhan Saeed also accused Bollywood musician, Salim Merchant of plagiarising his song, ‘Roiyaan’.