Anju, now known as Fatime, a 35-year-old Indian woman, has been granted a one-year visa extension by Pakistani authorities to stay in the country, reported Geo News on Wednesday.

Anju made waves both domestically and internationally for her decision to cross borders out of love, converting from Hinduism to Islam, and marrying Nasrullah, a resident of Upper Dir in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The couple’s union took place last month in a local court overseen by a district and sessions judge.

In a recent statement, Nasrullah expressed gratitude towards the interior ministry for the one-year visa extension granted to his wife. He confirmed that all necessary documentation has been shared with the relevant authorities and appreciated the cooperation and assistance they’ve received from various Pakistani departments and institutions.


Anju’s decision to cross borders for love has not only captured hearts but also led to heartwarming gestures of hospitality from the Pakistani community. Last month, Anju was presented with a parcel of land and monetary gifts as an appreciation of her embracing Islam.

Mohsin Khan Abbasi, the CEO of a prominent real estate company in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, gifted Fatima Rs50,000 and a 10 marla housing plot. A video circulated on social media showed Abbasi visiting the newlywed couple, Anju and Nasrullah, at their home.

He expressed his intentions during this visit, emphasizing that such gifts were to ensure Anju felt welcome and at home in her new country.

Anju’s heartwarming journey began on July 22 when she entered Pakistan through the Wagah border, with her beloved Nasrullah waiting for her in Rawalpindi. Originally granted a month-long visa, that have now been extended to one year.

Under strict security measures, the couple was brought to the district courts, where a judge recorded Anju’s statement and performed the nikkah ceremony. In her statement, Anju asserted that her visit to Nasrullah, aged 29, was entirely of her own free will, and she expressed happiness in marrying him.

After the nikah, the couple swiftly departed the court premises without interacting with the media, as reported by locals. They later visited the picturesque Lowari Top area, capturing moments of their journey in a video that subsequently went viral on social media.

According to Indian media reports, Anju was previously married to Arvind Kumar in 2007. The couple are parents to a 15-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son.

A day prior to her court marriage, Anju released a 40-second video message, urging the media not to disturb or harass her relatives and children in India, as she was in the process of returning home, which she expected to complete within two or three days.

Anju clarified that her travel to Pakistan was entirely legal and well-planned, emphasizing that she had taken time to make the decision.

In an interview with Indian media, Anju’s father announced that he was breaking all ties with his daughter. He told media that the family had no idea that Anju was planning to travel to the neighbouring country and marry a Pakistani man.

In answer to a question, he said that Nasrullah, who is now his son-in-law, had messaged him and shared videos of the engagement, to which he told Nasrullah that he has nothing to do with it. He was very clear that if his daughter was getting married to someone by her own will, what could he have done about it. It’s her choice, he said.