The doors of the luxurious, state-of-the-art Governor House in Murree have been opened for the general public. However, the rent for staying there has not yet been revealed.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar made the announcement of this decision on his social media and shared some inside pictures of the house. And boy, oh boy, how magnificent and royal are the rooms.

CM Buzdar said that this was done as part of the government’s austerity drive which aims to eliminate Pakistan’s VIP culture. PTI government has been making efforts to promote tourism in the country and until now 177 rest houses have been opened for public by the Punjab government.


Buzdar said: “It is an honour to stay in such a magnificent building and the government does not want to limit this honour to its dignitaries only”.

Look at the bedrooms. Woah!

According to the Chief Spokesperson of CM Punjab Shahbaz Gill, the previous government had renovated and refurbished the government house for more than 60 crores rupees.

A report published by The Express Tribune on October 17, 2016 claimed that the Punjab government spent Rs400-million on the renovation of the Murree Government House for the 19th Saarc summit. However, the conference never took place due to diplomatic tensions between India and Pakistan.

As part of renovations, the entire exterior, as well as the interior décor of the historic building of early post-modern architecture with a mix of Edwardian character, was redone. The government had also procured a new, high-definition CCTV system, over a dozen 40- and 60-inch smart LED televisions; high-speed optical fibre network, IP phones, a satellite phone, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors along with modern language and interpretation systems.

As per details, you can book the Government House Murree by sending an email at [email protected]. The house is at least a 100 years old and has hosted several dignitaries including the Queen of England and the United States president.