A group of Iranian hackers has targeted three telecom firms in Pakistan and breached data servers, revealed a cyber security company, Symantec.

While the report does not reveal the names of the companies that were targeted, it discloses that the group uses virtual “tunnels” to stay connected to the victims’ machines without a trace.

Using virtual tunnel technique, they can also access other machines on the same network to extract valuable information.


Jon DiMaggio, senior cyber threat analyst at Symantec explained, Iranian “Greenbug” is capable to breach telecom network repeatedly. “As we would close one door, they would attempt to come back from another.”

Besides, this is not the first time a hacker group has been involved in cyberattacks against telecom companies. According to Symantec, 18 different groups linked to various governments around the globe targeted telecom firms in 2019.

Telecom companies will always get these cyberattacks because they have valuable information in their databases, says Symantec. Big telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon have heavily invested in protection against cyberattacks, however, not all companies have the same resources.

The reports recommended firms to keep their systems up to date with the latest security tools and features. There are tools that can automatically eliminate vulnerabilities from the databases of companies.