Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Ishaq Dar on Monday said that the government will make it easier for all exporters to import the raw materials, components, and accessories they need to meet their demands, including five previously zero-rated export-oriented sectors.

“Export industry is one of the highest priority of our government,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

“Five (previously) zero-rated export-oriented sectors and all other exporters will be given complete facilitation for import of raw material, parts, and accessories to meet their export requirements,” Dar added.


The announcement comes as the country battles a dire foreign exchange crisis and industries, notably exporters, struggle to get their Letters of Credit (LC) issued

At Karachi port, thousands of containers containing raw materials, food items, and medical supplies are stranded due to a shortage of dollars.

Banks are refusing to grant fresh letters of credit for importers due to a shortage of needed dollars, which is undermining an economy already under pressure from high inflation and weak GDP.