After the condition of the Himalayan Brown Bear in Islamabad Zoo sparked national outrage, efforts were made by the government and the Ministry of Climate Change to assess the bear’s condition and nurse it back to health.

And it appears that the outrage and protests were all for good reason because latest reports suggest that the bear has been operated upon and is on the road to recovery. According to a Facebook page, Friends of Islamabad Zoo, a surgery was performed on the brown bear a few days ago by Islamabad’s renowned veterinarian Dr Faisal Khan in consultation with Dr Bilal Khilji, Assistant Director and Veterinarian for the Zoo. The page also shared that the animal will soon return to its enclosure in a few days.

Update on Brown Bear:"The female Himalayan brown bear is recovering from the surgery performed four days ago by Dr….

Posted by Friends of Islamabad Zoo on Saturday, August 3, 2019

The public outrage also resulted in the matter of the zoo’s management being resolved. In compliance with the Islamabad High Court order, the authorised officer from Ministry Of Climate Change visited the Islamabad Zoo and notified the new zoo director Mr Altaf Khuro (Director, Zoological Survey Of Pakistan) to take over management and evaluate the status of each animal, their health, food, hygiene of enclosures and general cleanliness of the zoo.


*Islamabad Zoo, Press Release*In compliance to Islamabad High Court orders W. P 1155 of 2019 and 1430 of 2019, the…

Posted by Islamabad Wildlife Management Board – IWMB on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

It is pertinent to mention here that there is an ongoing tussle between the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation and the Ministry of Climate Change over the management of the zoo. After a petition was filed in the Islamabad High Court against the zoo’s management, the court had handed over management of the city’s zoo to the climate change ministry till August 29. However, the director of Marghazar Zoo is resisting the transfer and is not cooperative. He locked the gates when officials of climate change ministry went to take over control of the zoo.

Meanwhile, the zoo has also been declared a plastic-free zone and efforts were made to free the zoo from plastic.