Dorothy Fedeli, or Dottie, of Ohio, has married herself over the weekend.

Fedeli is an American woman who was living alone since divorce after nine years of marriage and was living a single life since the past 44 years.

Fideli is a resident at the O’Bannon Terrace Retirement Home. The mother of three and grandmother was married once in 1965 in a quick courthouse ceremony.
Over the weekend, the 77-year-old walked down the aisle to marry the love of her life, herself.


“Because this is something I’ve always wanted. I wanted to get married and have a happy life but things didn’t work out that way and now I have a second chance in doing something that’ll make me happy,” Dottie said.

Fedeli’s friends and family were also invited, including her daughter who baked a cake for her mother.

Fideli says she got the idea from neighbors who saw a woman do the same thing on a talk show.
“Love, love is the most important thing in this world. If it’s not in the cards for them, then there’s something out there that will make them happy and find themselves in life and fulfill their soul,” said Fideli.