Among the many celebrities who went for Hajj this year is actor/host Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In an interview with Arab News, Hamza recounted his wonderful experience and praised Saudi authorities for making the pilgrimage a smooth experience.

“To Muslims everywhere, please come here once,” Hamza said. “You cannot even begin to imagine the experience. You have to be here in person to experience each and every bit of it.”


“When I came here, my first impression was inclusiveness,” Hamza continued. “Seeing people from literally every country on the face of this planet, united under this one creed that there is only one God.”

“My second impression was just the scale of it. More two million people at one place. You can’t help but imagine what kind of logistical nightmare it would be, but it goes very smoothly; having no issues, well-taken care of…It goes so seamlessly that you don’t realise what kind of a mammoth effort goes behind it,” he added.

Sharing further, Hamza said, “The attitude of the people; they’ve been travelling for a long time. And if you travel for any other cause except Allah, you’d be tired, fatigued or irritable. But because they are travelling for a cause, for Allah, you see them smiling. You see them charitable…the pilgrims, they’re very helpful, [as are] the volunteers.”

“The atmosphere is like a very big brotherhood. And it’s all love everywhere,” he concluded.

Hamza is among the 200,000 Pakistani pilgrims who undertook their spiritual journey to Islam’s holiest cities of Makkah and Madinah this year. Spotting him in the crowd in his bright white ihram, many fellow pilgrims requested to take pictures with him.

Other known faces who also performed Hajj this year include singer Atif Aslam and actor Feroze Khan. Feroze even shared a picture of all of them in Makkah.