During a recent interview, Janhvi Kapoor admitted that she regrets not making use of the acting skills she inherited from her mother due to the pressure of accusations of nepotism. She acknowledged that it was a mistake to avoid seeking help from her mother during her first film, “Dhadak,” because she wanted to prove herself independently.

Kapoor explained, “I was so conscious during my first film. People said I got the role because I am Sridevi’s daughter. I wanted to stay away from her influence. I thought it would be unfair if I took advantage of her advice. Looking back, I realize it was silly. I didn’t let her help me when she wanted to be there for me as a mother.”

She expressed regret, saying, “Sometimes I wish I had just told her, ‘Mom, I have a shoot, please come quickly.’ Maybe she would have been there. I’ve come to understand that now.”
Janhvi concluded by expressing pride in being the daughter of her parents. She acknowledged that some might debate the morality of her being Sridevi’s daughter, but she believes it’s the truth.


Her younger sister, Khushi Kapoor made her debut in the recently-released teen musical ‘The Archies’. Janhvi shared the advice she has for her: “She did such a wonderful job at being honest. When I was talking to her, I told her to be prepared for hate but not to forget herself in the process. I wish someone said this to me. I wish someone told me to try looking at the people that value you, like you, because believing the bad is always easier.”
“When someone says something bad about you, then believing that person becomes easier. It takes a lot of self-confidence to believe someone who says the right thing. Me and my sister, at times, we question ourselves a lot. I told her ‘Don’t lose yourself, don’t be jaded because you’ve been very honest.’ I felt her performance was very warm, there was a lot of innocence in it. She was not trying to show anything off and it is very difficult to be this real in front of the camera.”