The Government of Japan has decided to hire thousands of IT professionals from Pakistan in the coming years. As per details, the Japanese government is looking for people with expertise in cloud computing, data sciences, programming and artificial intelligence (AI).

Delegations from the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) met officials from the Ministry of Overseas and Human Resources Development and experts from the Pakistan Association of Software Houses for IT and ITES ([email protected]) for recruitment.

It is also mandatory to learn the basic Japanese language besides degrees and required skills to avail job opportunities in Japan.


Furthermore, the above-stated organisations and departments will give visas, funds for travel and other expenses to the hired candidates.

Both countries have collaborated because Japan needs programmers and people with expertise in AI and data sciences. But, they added that the Pakistani government have to arrange boot camps for six months to one year to train people with the required skills.

This step has been taken to balance the cultural diversity as Indians and Bangladeshi IT companies are already dominating the Japanese market.

The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) has recently begun to advertise jobs for hiring different professionals.

Pakistan is currently producing over 25,000 IT graduates every year in various disciplines of IT and computer sciences.

Experts say that Pakistan’s export of IT professionals could reach nearly 1,000 per year, which is a good number in the prevailing circumstances.

The local industry has been expanding its businesses in various dimensions in the past one and half years to meet the demand of the local and foreign markets, which has resulted in significant job openings for new graduates in recent months.

More than 16,000 Pakistanis reside in various cities of Japan. This community maintains a positive image in Japan and linkages with the department of the host country that help Pakistani students in the pursuit of their careers and businesses.