After Prime Minister Imran Khan made some unwarranted comments on rape and the cited vulgarity as the reason behind rising rape cases, Rohail Hyatt stepped in to defend him, saying that the premier’s words had been taken out of context. The musician received a lot of flak for his comments. Among those who criticised him is Jawad Ahmad, who questioned Rohail’s logic behind the tweet.

“Why are you talking stupid?” wrote the singer-turned-politician in response to Hyatt’s tweet. “Will you tell us which dresses are modest and which are not?”

“Will you get into your child’s wardrobe and point out which dress once worn would keep her safe in the society?” questioned Ahmad.


“What if a dress you choose is still disapproved by majority?” he asked further.

Jawad also used the hashtag #DontJustifyRape to elaborate his stance.

Replying to Jawad’s tweet, Rohail said: “Because I am stupid. Since you’re wise, you can say wise things.”

“See there’s balance in the universe. Something to be appreciated perhaps?” he added.

While one would have thought that the debate ended there, but that was, in fact, just the start. Check out their complete exchange below:

Later, Hyatt added a humorous twist to the debate and said that Ahmad won the match.

He also said that he “loves Jawad”.

Meanwhile, Hyatt also shared why he supports PM Khan.