Jemima Goldsmith gave a shoutout to a Pakistani-British cab driver who tackled a racist sensibly.

A video which has gone viral on social media shows a British passenger abusing the cab driver for his ethnicity.

“Who do you think you are?” says the passenger. “You think you’re something special? Pakistan! But I’ll tell you what? No wonder the Indians are bombing you!”


Throughout the exchange, the driver kept searching his bag as if looking for a change and responded calmly, “I don’t think about who I am. Have fun.”

Soon the video was widely circulated on social media and caught Jemima’s attention, who lauded the driver for “keeping his cool”.

Later, it was revealed that the West Midlands Police arrested the man for his actions. Another user also shared the alleged response of the cab driver to the arrest.

Mr Mustafa is being made the first honorary ambassador of the West Midlands Taxi Drivers’ Association (WMTDA) for the way he handled the incident in Birmingham. The father-of-four had spent the last few weeks shuttling vital Covid-19 samples for the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation trust during the pandemic.