British journalist, film producer and former wife of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, Jemima Goldsmith, has reacted to senior Pakistani journalist and analyst Amir Mateen trying to give her what seemed to be parenting advice.

As per the details, Jemima recently tweeted about how her son is relieved that he can now play sports “but only with her [due to the lockdown]”, drawing reactions from Pakistani Twitterati among whom she remains immensely popular even years after her separation with cricketer-turned-politician Imran.

Among netizens reacting to the tweet was Mateen, who said:


“Sad. He should have [a] normal life and pursue his interests,” Mateen tweeted, which did not seem to sit very well with Jemima.

Here’s what Mateen had to say in response:


“It was a joke. [British PM] Boris Johnson announced this eve you can play sports but only with members of your own household,” Jemima said in a subsequent tweet.

In response to which, Mateen made Jemima realise how “she had lived here long enough to understand that even her jokes are taken seriously in Pakistan”.

But all’s well that ends well…

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