Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s aftari is all everyone can talk about since Sunday evening. It was the first time that most opposition leaders came together for an informal meeting to discuss the future of Pakistan.

However, politics aside, the one joke everyone started cracking was that Maryam Nawaz and BBZ were looking like newly-weds. It is important to note here than Maryam has a son who is a few years younger than Bilawal and is also a grandmother. Hence, such humour is classified as crass.

Journalist Mona Alam went one step forward and questioned where Maryam’s husband Capt. (r) Safdar is.


Mona’s comments were met with a lot of backlash. But she did not back down and defended herself.

In response to Mona’s comment, one user asked why Capt. (r) Safdar should have been present in the first place considering it was a political gathering, to which she replied:

Another Twitter user asked Mona where her husband is, to which she replied:

Soon after, the debate began to heat up even more and personal blows were exchanged such as:

Not that it’s anyone’s business but Captain (r) Safdar was at the iftar party.