Addressing a ceremony at the groundbreaking of the Islamabad District Courts’ building on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Justice is necessary to uplift the common person.”

“If you want to uplift the common person […] then it is necessary to provide them justice as well and a society becomes free when it gets justice,” said PM Khan.

PM Khan attributed Pakistan’s decline to a lack of rule of law.



“Whatever banana republics are there aren’t because of lack of resources but because of the rule of power instead of rule of law,” he said, adding that “two Pakistans” were created in the country with different treatment between the people.

“The biggest injustice Gen Musharraf did to the country was giving NRO,” the premier said, adding that Musharraf didn’t have a right to give NRO to the powerful because the looted money was not his but the nation’s.

“Only a society that upholds the rule of law is prosperous,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

“I was saying 25 years ago that the country can only progress when the courts are free,” he added.