The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, can be isolated by the Taliban within the next 72 hours, CNN has reported. A diplomatic source told CNN that one intelligence assessment indicated that Kabul could be isolated by the Taliban within the week, possibly within the next 72 hours, but stressed that does not mean the militant group would enter the capital.

CNN also reports that personnel at the US Embassy in Kabul have been instructed to delete sensitive and materials “which could be misused in propaganda efforts”, as soon as possible. As per details, a notice was sent to the embassy staff with the instructions.

The act of destroying sensitive material is a standard procedure applied to minimise the US footprint.


“Drawdowns at our diplomatic posts around the world follow a standard operating procedure designed to minimise our footprint across various categories, including staffing, equipment, and supplies. Kabul Embassy is conducting their drawdown in accordance with this standard operating procedure,” a US State Department spokesperson said.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that Afghanistan is spinning out of control. Every day, the conflict is taking a bigger toll on civilians, especially women and children. He also reminded all the parties of their obligation to protect civilians.

The Taliban have taken control of 14 of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals since Aug 6, Reuters has reported.