Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut took a dig at Shah Rukh Khan and his filmography after a netizen wrote back to Kangana saying, “Kangana Ji’s film Dhakad earned 55 lakh rupees on the first day and lifetime collection 2.58 crores. While Pathaan film earned more than 100 crores on the first day.”

Responding to the comment, the Manikarnika star said, “Yes, Dhakad was a historic flop, when did I deny this? This is SRK ji’s first successful film in ten years, we also take inspiration from him, I hope we will also get a similar chance that India gave him. After all this India is great, it is generous, Jai Shri Ram.”

She also tweeted a series of hate tweets regarding Pathaan’s success and its slightly decent portrayal of Pakistani agencies.


After noticing the same, former Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari took to Instagram and called out Indian actress Kangana Ranaut following her ‘hateful comments’ about Pakistan as the Bollywood actress took a jibe at Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathaan’ for depicting “enemy nation Pakistan in a good light”. 

This is what Noor wrote while giving Kangana’s face a silent but tight slap:

It all started when Kangana, whose twitter account was just restored, praised the film Pathaan for doing exceptionally good business throughout the world cinemas. Later, Kangana realized her mistake and the ‘undisputed queen of feuds’ could not restrain her impulse and abruptly took a U-turn. In a thread of tweets, she lambasted the Pathaan for showing the enemy country Pakistan and ISI in a good light. Her scathing tweets hurt the sentiments of Pakistani people.