Welcome to your daily dose of cringe.

A Karachi-based matchmaker, who is popularly known as Mrs Khan, on live television said that rising divorces are due to women’s inability to bow down before their husbands and because they argue too much.

“We were told from the start that we should hold our tongue and keep it in control,” Mrs Khan said. “If a woman keeps her tongue in check, we wouldn’t have to face these problems. Such problems arise when women are unable to control themselves and try to dominate their husbands.”


She continued, “We were told that when the husband comes home, his shoes and clothes should be properly placed. There should be a roti on the tawa just ready to be served with the salan, which is supposed to have been prepared beforehand. But girls nowadays – they say that will not make rotis or do any work.”

Phir shaadi kyun ki?” she asked angrily. “If you’re not capable of doing this, then don’t get married…Until and unless you’re not a proper woman then don’t get married. Marriage means responsibility.”

When the host interrupted Mrs Khan and said that girls say “Hum maasi ban kar thori kisi kay ghar ja rahe hain, hum toh biwi ban kar ja rahe hain,” Mrs Khan attacked her.

“Were they maids in their parent’s house? Or are they some minister or governor’s daughter? You’ll have to do it [house work] like your mother. Who would take care of you and your needs, give you food etc? Who would bring money to the house? The same rules apply in your own marriage.”

She then reiterated her earlier point that no matter strata of the society girls belong to they must always keep their mouths shut and never voice their opinions.

She then proceeded to say that the media has ruined women and encouraged them to “open their mouths” while the husband listens silently.

Needless to say, Mrs Khan’s comments sparked outrage among women who were disgusted by her misogynist and outdated comments.

And men had a field day because they found a woman who agrees with their misogynist thoughts.


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