The gas crisis has grown worse in the economic hub of Pakistan as the duration of gas load-shedding in Karachi industries was extended for up to two days.

The industrial sites in Karachi will be facing two-day gas load-shedding instead of one.

According to the information obtained, all industrial facilities and captive power plants in Karachi will not be supplied gas for two days.


From December 17 to December 19, seven industrial zones and captive power plants were instructed to refrain from using Sui Southern Gas Company’s (SSGC) gas supplies on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to conducting unannounced raids on all industrial sites, the SSGC surveillance teams will also take legal action against those who violate the rules.

Imtiaz Shaikh, the energy minister for Sindh, criticised the gas load-shedding on December 13 and claimed that although the province is generating more natural gas than it needs, it is still being denied its legitimate right.

Imtiaz Shaikh, the energy minister, demanded that Sindh be given preference over other parts of the country in the provision of natural gas.

“We will take the matter to court if required,” Sindh’s energy minister said. “We are also considering raising the issue in the Council on Common Interest (CCI),” he said.

He said that the chief minister had discussed Sindh’s case regarding the gas issue during discussions between the state and federal governments. He expressed hope that the prime minister will pay attention to the situation.

The provincial minister stated that when additional petrol is provided to the province, Karachi’s industry will resume operation.

The most natural gas-producing province in Pakistan, Sindh, is now experiencing a severe natural gas shortage for home, industrial, and commercial customers.