Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar (KRQ), who often makes headlines with his unfiltered remarks, has said that Meray Paas Tum Ho’s infamous ‘Dou Takay ki Larki‘ dialogue was misinterpreted.

Talking to Vasay Chaudhry on his show Ghabrana Mana Hai, the writer clarified that he did not use the word ‘aurat‘ (woman) in the dialogue but specifically wrote ‘larki‘ (girl) for the character of Mehwish, played by Ayeza Khan.

“The word aurat was never used,” said Qamar. “I did not generalise women in this dialogue. I specifically wrote iss larki (this girl).”


The writer further said: “The thing is that I referred to that specific girl only, the one who committed a sin. She does not represent all women. The drama had three more female characters [but] the opportunists forgot to talk about them.”

“They talked rubbish, saying that ‘Do Takkay Ki Aurat‘ was used. I tried to explain the difference to them but no one understood. One even questioned the difference between a girl and a woman? I will meet that person someday and will teach them the difference between a girl and a woman.”

Qamar continued: “Also if someone does not understand the literal meaning of these things, they can come and take classes from me.”

During the interview, KRQ also referred to himself as the flagbearer of women’s rights saying that he is a big advocate of women. The writer added that he only has a problem with the slogans and finds them “ghaleez” (vulgar).

“If you talk about rights, both men and women have rights. Yahan toh sirf elite class kay rights hain,” said Qamar. “The rights of poor men and women have been stolen.”

Meanwhile, the writer-director also addressed his issue with Mahira Khan, saying: “I share a very respectful relationship with Mahira. I respect her a lot and the same was from her side. I was startled to see Mahira’s tweet that what she has written.”

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“She could have called me personally and voiced her concerns. If she had done this, I would have also responded to her in a good manner,” added Qamar.