Actor Nazish Jahangir recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show along with Eshal Fayyaz and Javeria Abbasi.

Super Women Javeria Abbasi And Nazish Jahangir On Sets Of Shane Suhoor –  Health Fashion

The Kahin Deep Jalay star opened up about her estranged relationship with her stepmother, Nazish stated that she was the first one to fid out that her father has secrtely married after her mother’s death, exactly a year after their loss.

The Berukhi diva mentioned that although she was somewhat embracing the reality but her elder siblings couldn’t accept it and created a havoc. Their family feuds increased and all the time their were elements of fighting and argumentative behaviour in their household.


She also revealed that initially her elder siblings kicked their stepmother out of the house and even blocked her numbers from everywhere but with time they realised that their father needs companionship and they brought her back.

Nazish stated that now the equation with her stepmother is progressive and healthy as she takes care of her father and even keeps the family united. Her stepmother also never had children of her own for the family’s wellbeing.

On the same show Kaaf Kangana star, Eshal Fayyaz revealed that her step father attempted to rape her for three to four times.

My stepfather tried to rape me, says Eshal Fayyaz

“My stepfather tried to rape me multiple times and I decided enough is enough when he attempted for the fourth time. I shared it with my sister and together we told my mother. After that, she divorced him and never got married again.”

The Kaaf Kangana star also clarified rumours of her alleged marriage with Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar (KRQ). Rumours of their marriage were rife in January 2020 and both Eshal and Qamar, at the time, had shut them down.

When Nida asked her about these rumours, Eshal said that she had no idea who spread these rumours and that she has “no idea why someone did this” to her.

“When the rumours of my and Khalil-ur-Rehman’s marriage spread, I was so afraid that I locked myself in the room and I was sitting alone, crying in my room,” said Eshal. “My mother explained to me that sitting in fear will not do anything. Go in front of people and explain, after which I faced the public and clarified all the rumours.”