Actor Kubra Khan announced last week on social media that she had officially filed a case with the Sindh High Court against Youtube blogger Adil Farooq Raja for making degrading and malicious comments against her and three other actresses. In her social media post, the actress said she was motivated to make this decision after realizing that its necessary to protect hard working, young women out there who are easily turned into a target by insecure men.

Today as reported by Dawn, the ‘Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay’ actresss has been directed by Sindh High Court to appear before an inquiry officer from the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to provide a statement for trial proceedings.


In the last hearing, the SHC ordered FIA and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block all forms of malicious content being spread about Khan on social media.
After that hearing, IO Shagufta Shahzad had filed a report confirming that a probe has been registered at the FIA cybercrime circle in Karachi. She further stated that on the order of the SHC, a direct was also sent to the PTA to block social media accounts regarding the same person. The IO further made a request to the SHC for the petitioner to visit her office in order to record her statement for the trial to proceed.
The bench had adjourned the hearing till January 26 while a notice was sent to PTA for the next meeting.