The six-day long sectarian clashes in Kurram have ended with a peace deal mediated by local jirgas. According to The Nation the armed fight took the lives of of 50 people.

Kurram Agency is traditionally a volatile region. This round marks the third major violent eruption of the year, causing a major blackout of electricity and internet, traffic of the roads, schools and other institutions being closed.

The two warring groups are based in Khar Kalay Village and the Baleech Khel. 


Firing from both sides continued since the last week, resulting in extreme unrest and scarcity of basic necessities from food to the medicines. The local administration has called for the military intervention and the elders of the two group were trying to bring an end the violence. 

The agreement was made in the backdrop of the attacks on vehicles in Charkhel between the leaders of the two main sects after different rounds of talks in Alizai Qila under the supervision of district administration and local scouts. 

It has been agreed upon by the two sides to maintain peace and abandanoing the use of weaponary and bunkers.