As Pakistan gears up for the upcoming general elections, internal tensions have surfaced within the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), notably between leaders Taimur Khan Jhagra and Sher Afzal Marwat.

The disagreement revolves around Marwat’s decision to enter the electoral race in Peshawar.

Jhagra, a prominent PTI leader hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has expressed objections to Marwat’s choice to contest the elections scheduled for February 8 next year from the NA-32 constituency in Peshawar.


During a recent statement, Jhagra emphasized, “It would be more fitting if a leader from Peshawar contested from that constituency.”

He underscored that the party, rather than individual leaders, should determine the candidates’ election constituencies.

In response to these objections, Marwat, in an interview with Geo News, stated that he has no personal interest in participating in the elections.”The PTI founder has directed me to contest elections from Peshawar,” he added.

Marwat, who has already submitted his nomination papers, reiterated his commitment to contesting elections from Peshawar as per Imran Khan’s instructions.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has reported a significant influx of nomination papers, receiving a total of 28,626 submissions from aspiring candidates across the country vying to participate in the upcoming polls.

As per the ECP’s data seen by Geo News, 7,242 men and 471 women have filed nomination papers for national assembly seats (general), whereas for provincial assemblies, the number stands at 17,744 and 802, respectively.

The ECP is currently scrutinising the nomination papers filed by the candidates with the stage set to culminate on December 30 (Saturday).

Meanwhile, appeals against the acceptance or rejection of nomination papers can be submitted by January 3, and decisions on these appeals will be made by January 10.

The top electoral body will issue the list of candidates on January 11, with candidates having the option to withdraw until January 12 i.e., before the ECP allots electoral symbol on January 13.

As per the data shared by the ECP, a total of 459 and 1,365 nomination papers have been received by the electoral body for the reserved seats for national and provincial legislature, respectively.

Meanwhile, on the reserved seats for non-muslims, 361 men and 32 women have submitted their nomination papers for provincial assemblies. For national assembly seats, the number stands at 140 and 10, respectively.

A total of 7,713 people have submitted their nomination papers for national assembly seats (general), with the number standing at 18,546 for provincial assemblies (general).