Lahore has been listed among the world’s most-loved cities by the New York Times.

The New York Times recently published a piece in which the publication asked people about the places that delighted or comforted them in 2020. While it received more than 2000 suggestions, only 52 of them got the chance to be featured in the publication’s article. According to the American daily, Lahore is among the most-loved cities for its food, culture, and historical architecture.

“Especially in winter, this city nourishes you. It opens its arms to you, then feeds you and wraps you in a hug,” wrote the author while expressing the beauty of the city.



Lahoris are admired for their hospitality and the city is loved for its rich historical architecture.

Other tourist spots on the list include Andros of Greece, Lebanon’s Beirut, Romania, Siberia, Jordan’s Wadi Rum and Kaliya Dhrow, India.

It is pertinent to add there that even Turkish actor Engin Altan Düzyatan couldn’t resist saying “Lahore, Lahore hai” during his visit to the city.