On Thursday, the LDA’s Town Planning Wing carried out a massive operation against unpaid commercial fees and illegal commercial activity throughout the city.

LDA DG Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa, who directed the operation, stated that illegal construction and commercial activity would not be tolerated and that action would be taken against them.

The operation on Thursday involved sealing off illegal and unapproved commercial buildings and business centres in the neighbourhoods of Gulshan Ravi, Ferozepur Road, Multan Road, and LDA-controlled areas.


According to chief town planner Shakeel Anjum Minhas, legal notices have already been sent to the building owners, directing them to correct the irregularities. He stated that “action will be taken against the buildings if the LDA notices are not implemented” and threatened to seal any structures that did not stop any illegal activity or respond to the notice.

Director Shafqat Niaz Kang and Chief Town Planner Shakeel Anjum Minhas oversaw the operation. The Enforcement Wing and a large police presence were also present during the operation.

Two officers were appointed and transferred as a result of LDA DG’s orders. While Assistant Director Muhammad Haris Ali, who was a Deputy Director in the Town Planning Wing, was posted to the Directorate of State Management (Private Housing Schemes) at his own pay scale, Assistant Director Tayyab Ali was appointed in the Directorate of State Management (Private Housing Schemes) at the Chief Town Planner LDA’s discretion.