• National carrier suspends official, says is committed to upholding highest moral behaviour

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suspended an official of PIA Training Centre (PTC) Karachi over a damning audio clip in which he could allegedly be heard asking a boy for sexual favours to clear exams.

The action came after The Current reached out to PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez, who said the national carrier was committed to upholding the highest moral behaviour at work.

“On the recording that has surfaced, we have started our probe to see if the conversation is legit,” he said.



Hafeez maintained that the PIA management had zero tolerance towards any indecent conduct, and strict action was always ensured against any violation.

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Later, he confirmed that the official allegedly heard in the damning audio clip had been suspended pending a detailed investigation.


On Monday night, The Current received from its sources in the PIA the damning audio in which the official could purportedly be heard convincing a boy for sodomy to clear his exams at PTC.

“These PTC people never pass anyone. I am telling you,” he could be heard as saying to the boy who kept telling the official that he wasn’t into that stuff.

“Earlier, I wasn’t into it either,” the official could be heard as telling the boy.

He then goes on to accuse a woman of giving sexual favours to another official for perks. “That’s how they got married.”

While the conversation continues for a good four minutes with the official continuing to convince the boy, its nature does not allow for it to be shared here.