Shane Warne breathed his last on last Friday leaving a void that will never be filled again. He was in talks with a Bollywood production company for a biopic. Shane that an Indian Production company was in talks to make his biopic. The plans got delayed due to the Covid-19 breakout

As per News18, Warne talking about the biopic said, “A guy has written a script about it, this company want to shoot it, so it’s basically a Hollywood movie shot for India. And they’re basing it on my story of how we put together the Royals in 2008 and they’ve ‘Hollywood-ised’ it. It’s all sorts of s*x, dr*gs and rock ‘n’ roll stuff.”

Shane Warne Wanted Leonardo DiCaprio Or Brad Pitt To Play Him

He later added that he wants either Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt to play him in the film. Little did the world know he won’t be alive to see that happen. Shane Warne (52) breathed his last on 4th March in Thailand. The cause of death is suspected heart attack.