Just a few hours after Turkish hackers took over Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter, they have now hacked into Adnan Sami’s account.

The hackers have not only uploaded a series of pro-Pakistan tweets, but they have also change the singer’s username and bio, as a result of which the blue verification tick has disappeared. The account’s profile picture has been replaced by a picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the same one which was used on Amitabh’s Twitter. Though the tweets have now been deleted, screenshots are forever.

The hackers also shared screenshots of Adnan Sami’s DM on their own Instagram page.


It is interesting to note that a few hours before the incident, the hackers hinted that they will troll Adnan Sami. Sharing a photo of Adnan’s anti-Pakistan tweet, the hackers asked their followers, “What shall we do about this man?” While a lot of social media users asked the Ayyildiz Tim to change Adnan’s name to Major Adnan Sami, they decided to take over his account and post pro-Pakistan stuff.

Late last night, the Ayyildiz Tim hacked in Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter account and also posted a series of pro-Pakistan tweets while also changing the profile picture to that of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The tweets were later deleted and Bachchan is said to have taken the case to the Mumbai police who are investigating the matter. Funnily, a lot of Twitter users suggested that Adnan Sami was behind the hacking Big B’s account.