The Current starts its day with a morning mood to engage followers and find out what they are interested in. This is done via a ‘this or that’ poll and the winner had to compete the same category the next day. It is done over a week’s time and we found out a lot about our followers – and Pakistanis – based on what they vote for.

Food Wars

Honestly, this one is no surprise given how much Pakistanis love their biryani. Hence, biryani was the winner.

But, we were surprised when chicken biryani won on Eidul Adha.


Which university appeals the most to Pakistanis?

We did a poll on different Pakistani and foreign universities and asked you what your dream university is. It’s sad that no Pakistani universities made the cut but here is what did win.

Personality Traits

This is the most interesting. What do you all want in your life partner?

Loyal beat everything! Seems like nothing is more important for Pakistanis than a partner who is loyal.

Your dream car?

We asked you about your dream car and we got our answer. As per our final poll reults 72% people would go for a Rolls Royce beating Bentley.

Clothing Brands

This one was intense and Khaadi was winning but in the final poll that we posted on Saturday, check out who beat Khaadi.

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