The burden on the general public, who were already suffering from inflation, rising oil and food costs, has increased as a result of another hike in the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Following the increase of Rs10 per kilogramme, LPG is now priced at Rs210 per kilogramme nationwide.

Moreover, commercial LPG cylinders will now be sold at Rs9,532, up Rs455 while domestic (11.8 kg) LPG cylinders are now priced at Rs2,475, up Rs120.


According to the chairman of the LPG Association, the commodity’s price is declining on the international market but rising in Pakistan. He requested that the administration take note of the current gas shortage.

People who now use LPG cylinders residing in new or developing housing communities without Sui gas connections will be impacted by this price increase.

The frequent announcements of hikes have made life difficult for those with modest incomes. Along with rising LPG prices, many people are having trouble utilising their own vehicles because gasoline prices have skyrocketed.