Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o wore a stunning tuxedo and breastplate to the Tony Awards. She shared pictures of the silver breastplate designed for her by Yale college buddy and artist Misha Japanwala on Instagram, calling it an “out of body experience” in the post.

“Honored, humbled, strengthened and energized to don this breastplate created by @mishajapanwala, which she cast and molded of my body.”

Speaking about the significance of the body art, Nyong’o quoted Japanwala’s explanation about how her craft is designed to help destigmatize shame, and help women embrace themselves for who they are.


“She writes, ‘The word ‘beghairat’ (translation: shameless) has become an anchor in my practice; thousands of people have used it to describe me and the work I create, in an effort to insult and shame me into silence. In reclaiming the word and understanding that the rejection of others’ narrow definitions of shame is one of the most powerful tools for liberation, I’ve come to deeply appreciate and respect what living a life of shamelessness truly means. My craft pertains to documenting our existence in the most truthful way I possibly can — I change nothing about the body and how it looks.I think that act of surrendering and allowing our bodies to simply be, is such a beautiful and powerful thing.'”

Nyong’o also shared a video of her look for the Tony Awards, where she celebrated her best friend Saheem Ali’s nomination for ‘Fat Ham’.

Lyongo also shared the forehead tattoo henna artist Sabeen, whom she had met in Karachi at Japanwala’s wedding, painted onto her shaved head