Malala is an icon for her bravery but she is also the absolute Queen savage comebacks to put down her haters.

What’s hilarious is how much people keep underestimating her wicked sense of humor, but Malala has time and time again proven that she knows how to get the last word on her enemies.

Like remember the time when the entire country was clutching their pearls because the Noble Prize activist said she prefers not to get married, she trolled her haters with this gif.



Or when a boy tried to impress her with his thirst traps, the activist turned him down with the coldest rejection.

This time, users are once more in fits because of Yousafzai’s hilarious response to a TikTok user who was celebrating the fact that she skipped her classes in school.

Malala Fund responded to the tweet saying: “Boo”

Twitter users have found the entire exchange hilarious because imagine getting caught like this, we could never!