A case was filed against an unidentified person in Gujarat, India for putting up an online advertisement to sell the Statue of Unity for ₹30,000 crores to meet the government’s expenses for hospitals and medical infrastructure to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

According to details, the world’s largest statue, which is located in Kevadia Colony of Gujarat, was put up for sale in an OLX ad.

“Emergency! Selling Statue of Unity because of urgent money required for the hospitals and healthcare equipment,” read the ad.


The Statue of Unity authorities took an action after a local newspaper published a report about the ad, filing a complaint against the unknown individual.

“An unknown person, with a malafide intention to defame the government had put up the Statue of Unity for sale on OLX, despite not being authorized to do so,” a release signed by Nilesh Dubey, Assistant Commissioner, Statue of Unity stated.

The release also criticized OLX for not verifying the ad before posting it on the website. Police said they were trying to locate the source of the listing on OLX to determine who was behind the ad and bring him/her to book.

The memorial to Sardar Patel, at 182 metres, is the world’s tallest such structure, ever since it was inaugurated in October 2018. It has been a major tourist attraction in India until it was closed for the public on March 17 as a precautionary measure to control the spread of coronavirus.