A Karachi man died of cardiac arrest at the Sindh High Court after reuniting with his estranged daughter. According to reports, the man was meeting his daughter a year after she was kidnapped.

The family of the deceased, Jummah Khan, alleged that the daughter was kidnapped from their village in Sujawal following a dispute. Her kidnapper was later killed in another dispute and the attacker then took their daughter and married her off to someone else. The family added that they received no help from the police or the local representatives in this matter.

Khan was finally reunited with his daughter on Friday, but he suffered a heart attack upon meeting her.


Taking the body from the court premises proved to be another challenge for the family, as the court’s ambulance wasn’t available. They asked for a pickup truck to help them but the driver demanded a hefty amount for the services. Lawyers and other people present at the court then helped them gather the Rs 12,000 needed to take the body to the hospital.