A man has filed a petition against the drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa in the Lahore High Court arguing that the drama has negatively portrayed politicians and media personnel.

The petitioner, Muhammad Zeeshan, in his petition stated that the show has represented a politician, media anchor, bureaucrat and army official but have ignored the judiciary.

“Four pillars of the state were displayed but the role of the army was shown instead of the judiciary,” read the petition.


Zeeshan further said that Ehd-e-Wafa could damage the image of politicians and media personnel. He said that the roles shown in the drama portrayed a negative image of Pakistan internationally and requested the court to stop the airing of the drama episodes.

The case has been taken up by the court.

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In Ehd-e-Wafa, Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) is a politician, Shariq (Wahaj Ali) a successful journalist, Shehryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) an assistant commissioner and Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) an army officer.

Directed by Saifee Hassan, Ehd-e-Wafa is a joint collaboration between ISPR and Hum TV. It has been penned by Mustafa Afridi of Sang-e-Mar Mar and Aangan fame.