A man from Auckland New Zealand thought his ear was clogged with water after taking a swim but after three days with no relief, a doctor discovered something far more creepy and crawly inside. A cockroach had been living in his ears for the past three days.

Zane Wedding, 40, from South Auckland, New Zealand, said he got home from swimming with a blocked ear. But after falling asleep, waking up and still feeling “immense pressure” in his left ear, Wedding started to get worried.

So Wedding took a trip to the doctor’s office.


As soon as the doctor told Wedding what the source of his discomfort was over the past few days, Wedding was astonished and said he jumped out of his chair when he heard the doctor.

It took about five minutes to extract the dead cockroach and Wedding said as soon as the doctor pulled out the insect that he felt instant relief. 


To prevent another incident like this from happening again, Wedding said exterminators have been called to flush out any would-be ear invaders from his home. 

Moreover, cockroaches love dark and damp environments and ears are the perfect spot for these insects, according to Dr. Coby Schal from the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University.