Lahore’s 90-year-old Ikramul Haque, who stood all alone at Liberty Roundabout with a poster stating “Humein Jinnah ka Pakistan chahiye [We want Jinnah’s Pakistan]” for the past six years, has passed away, Dawn reported.

Known as “the old Jinnah man”, Haque stood at the roundabout every Tuesday. Passing away last Friday, his funeral prayers were held on Sunday at 5 pm at 112/5 F Model Town.

He had been part of the Pakistan Movement as a student from 1944 to 1948 and was a member of the Muslim Students Federation of Dayal Singh College.


Haque strongly believed in and advocated Quaide Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan that was not a theocratic state, rather it was about the Muslims, who were a minority in India, and their basic rights.

He started standing at the Liberty Roundabout in 2013 after growing terrorism and extremism in the country.

Starting his career as a junior clerk at the Caltex Oil Company in Karachi, he retired as managing director of National Fertiliser Marketing Limited. Haque has left behind a wife and three sons.