One of the people who tragically fell from a C-17 US military plane departing from Kabul on Monday was a young Afghan footballer, according to the General Directorate of Physical Education & Sports in Afghanistan.

As per details, Zaki Anwari, a young footballer, died on Monday after falling from a US military aircraft. The Afghan National Football Team’s Facebook page confirmed the identity and death on August 18, 2021. The news was confirmed by the Sports Directorate the next day.

Anwari was one of thousands of Afghans who flocked to the Hamid Karzai International Airport  on Monday, the day after the Taliban captured Kabul, hoping to get on a plane out of the country. He reportedly climbed onto a C-17 plane that was about to depart from the capital.


Anwari played on the Afghan national youth football team.

A video published on August 16 shows people sitting on the landing gear flap of a plane taxiing for takeoff as people run alongside the aircraft.

Several videos circulating on Monday showed people falling from a C-17 aircraft that had taken off from Kabul airport. Later, reports said that several bodies had been found in locations east of the airport.

News of Anzari’s death comes as the US Air Force investigates the deaths, after human remains were found in the wheel well of one of its C-17 planes that departed from Kabul.