Actor Mansha Pasha recently spoke about her first marriage in an interview. Pasha stated on Momina’s Mixed Plate, “Yes I was married before but I don’t speak much about it, yes, he was from industry, probably more behind the camera. I mean, I think a lot of people have the feeling that if their marriage doesn’t work they still think that it is the only thing in life, it’s not like that, marriage is the union of two people who are in it, it can’t be defined, it’s different, it’s not same I can’t do comparisons. The two people in a relationship are different and they can’t be compared.”

Mansha Pasha opens up about her first marriage
Mansha Pasha Discusses About Her First Marriage & Divorce

“Definitely divorce is a last resort, sometimes people go into marriage without any idea, sometimes they just get into a relationship without any thought process, no one marries to take a divorce. I got married quite young, in our society people married at a young age, so my personality wasn’t developed and I’m taking up a relationship, in most marriages, you are not mature enough to handle things, if you two are different, then you should take a chance to move on, also I believe that you are not marrying a person but you are marrying a family, it’s a desi statement but I agree to it,” she concluded.

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai star is currently married to activist Jibran Nasir.


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