Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro has been at the receiving end of jokes ever since the company unveiled its first look. The tech giant was mocked for its redundant change in designs and their triple-camera ended up being the victim of memes on all the social media platforms.

Among the social media users making fun of Apple’s new design was Malala Yousafzai.

Taking to Twitter, the humanitarian shared a picture of her kurta which had a similar design on it.


Malala’s tweet might have been in good humour but it started a debate on how Malala should be calling out the cruelty in Indian occupied Kashmir instead of commenting on the new iPhone.

Among the critics was actor Mathira who expressed her outrage at Malala’s tweet. 

Meanwhile, the public had different opinions. Some were fine with Malala cracking a joke and some began to argue on what a peace representative should and should not focus on.

Malala has not responded to Mathira’s or any other tweet yet