Mawra Hocane and Aiman Khan have hit out at social media pages for creating an issue out of a non-issue.

As per details, controversy erupted after a clip of Aiman, in which she was commenting on Mawra’s weight went viral on social media. The clip in question was from Hina Altaf and Aagha Ali’s The Couple’s Show on which Aiman appeared with husband Muneeb Butt.

During the show, when asked to give advice to Hocane, Khan had remarked that “she [Mawra] should gain some weight as she is very skinny”. Aiman’s comments did not go down well with Mawra’s fans who then attacked the actor for them.


Responding to the controversy, Mawra requested all her fan pages and other social media pages to “be kind” and “give each other some space for improvement.”

In a note shared on social media, the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 said: “I DO NOT appreciate anyone throwing the other person under the bus in the garb of supporting me.”

“We must know how far we must go and not vilify the other person involved in the process,” she continued. “We are all humans and utter words we don’t entirely understand or mean!”

“Let’s give each other space for improvement and not to do the same or worse by spewing hate,” added Mawra, urging everyone to be “please be kind”.

On the other hand, while asking netizens to keep their opinion to themselves, Khan said: “I don’t understand why people take things personally and spread negativity. My life is not your property, you have no right to say anything to me if I can’t say anything to you.”

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“My education, my accent is not your problem,” said the actor further. “Would my degree land you a job? No, right? Keep your nose out of my business, thanks. Make life easy and stop this nonsense.”

Khan added: “Games are games and shows are shows – nothing is personal. I think bloggers shouldn’t make everything breaking news.”

“We are already suffering a lot so stop making our lives tough with your stupid comments. Stop making issues out of nothing. Stop this nonsense, stop this hatred,” she asserted.

Later in another post, she shared an announcement on her Story whereby she clarified a number of issues circulating on social media.

She wrote, “This is to clear a number of issues that I’ve been seeing circulating on the social media.”

Aiman stated “Initially, I’m not the form of particular person to disrespect anybody on nationwide tv or by social media.”

“Secondly, social media portals and bloggers shouldn’t mislead a remark simply to create a stir and get eye balls on their platforms. They need to act responsibly and never add gasoline to fireside,” she added.

Aiman Khan went on to say, “Thirdly, my training and my accent in none of anybody’s concern, I’m a public determine sure, however not the general public property that anybody can write something damaging or derogatory about.”

“I’m not a hater nor do I consider in spreading hate. A lot love,” she concluded.