An old video of Mawra Hocane on Nida Yasir’s morning show has gone viral on social media with netizens criticising the actor for her comments on the eve-teasing culture in Pakistan.

In the video, when Yasir asks Hocane if anyone has ever teased her, Mawra responds by saying: “I think that’s just Lahore’s fun, boys tease you. They play loud music from their cars. I think that’s just the feel of Lahori Eid.”

“So we don’t mind. It’s okay, keep looking at us,” she added.


When Nida further asks if she would mind if someone was to tease her now, Mawra said: “Yes, no problem.”

While the video is from 2018, Twitter users are calling out Mawra for “normalising harassment”.

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Someone even dragged in Humayun Saeed, who was seated next to Mawra in the show.

Mawra has not yet responded to the backlash.