Raees Jaffar, a TikToker from Karachi, was arrested by local police after his Tik Tok account showed a video he made sitting on the SHO’s chair…while he was under arrest.

The 17 year old had been placed under detention for not having ownership documents of his car. During the time he was waiting for his parents to bring the documents, Jaffar decided to make a video where he was seen mocking the police officer.

However, when the police got hold of it, they uploaded a video with the boy’s confession.


In his video, Jaffar admitted to his mistake, saying he made the video without approval inside the police station and that he regrets it.

The video is on the Twitter account of Karachi Police where it has amassed over 2000 views

Another TikToker, Shahab Khan, was also arrested for making fun of traffic police in a viral tiktok, but was released after issuing an apology. In the video posted by the official account, the TikToker was seen being stopped by a police man, and then paying a bribe to be let off easily.

“I made a video just for fun which sent the wrong message. The video has been deleted and I am very ashamed and sorry for this,” confessed Shahab.