A childhood friend of singer Meesha Shafi, who recorded her statement before a sessions court in the one billion defamation suit filed by singer/actor Ali Zafar, testified in favour of the plaintiff and refuted the allegations of sexual harassment against him.

According to details, Sara Razee in her oral and written statement said that she has known Meesha since Grade 7 and Ali for almost 20 years. The witness said that she was present on both occasions where the alleged incidents of harassment took place and did not notice any odd behaviour by both the parties.

Sara said that that on the occasion of Ali’s wife Ayesha Fazli’s birthday, she “didn’t notice anything out of order. Meesha was very normal with Ali Zafar and in fact she was sitting at his piano.”


Talking about the other incident, which was Hassan Sheheryar Yaseen’s (HSY) party in February 2018, Sara said she met both the parties that night and Meesha was very excited to meet Ali.

“I did not notice any reservation on Meesha’s part towards Ali,” she added.

Two more prosecution witnesses were also present in the court, however, their testimonies were not recorded as Meesha’s senior counsel from the legal team was not available. As per her Instagram, Meesha is currently in Canada while Zafar is doing a series of concerts in the United States.

The hearing has been adjourned for September 8 when Razee will also be cross-examined by the defendant’s side.

So far, 13 witnesses have testified in favour of Zafar, including three women and Meesha’s former manager Rizwan.