Fan favourite drama serial ‘Mannat Murad’ ended on Tuesday. It told the story of Murad, played by Talha Chahour, an only son, facing a lot of pressure from his family. This made it hard for him to spend quality time with his wife, Mannat, played by Iqra Aziz, who felt ignored and wished for a more equal partnership.

Murad’s mother and sisters wanted to protect him, so they gave him many responsibilities, which affected his relationship with Mannat.
The show showed how some Pakistani men say they love their wives but struggle to handle responsibilities in their relationships. They often rely on their wives to manage everything for them.

After the show ended, Talha Chahour shared a thoughtful message on Instagram in a detailed post.


He wrote, “As Mannat Murad comes to an end, I want to take a moment to thank the audience/fans for giving it plenty of love. I had chosen this character to address an issue that does not let peace enter our homes. Men should learn to balance and alter their ways to maintain balance in their relationships despite their conditioning that tells them otherwise.”

Talha acknowledged the challenges men may face in maintaining a balance in relationships post-marriage, attributing it to their “conditioning and the fears of single mothers.” He emphasised that open communication is crucial to keeping everything in place.

“I know it gets hard for only sons to fight the influence of their immediate families on their married lives, but with clear communication, a willingness to observe/accept the realities, and giving due importance (not more, not less) to each of the relationships, a boy can navigate through life’s problems. I understand that it is also hard for single mothers to trust the companions of their sons, they might get insecure as well. But, may be by giving a lil space and focusing on our individual lives, we can all play our due part to make HAPPY HOMES,” Talha noted.

The actor also expressed admiration for his co-actors and the entire team.He thanked his co-actors, director, and producer for their support.